Canvas for peace - CODAworx

Canvas for peace

Submitted by Kulturelia


Location: Paris, France

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team

Artistic Director

Aurelia Bizouard


Executive Director

Idil Uzay



Allowing people to express themselves through art.
We create a work of art with the public. Painting all together allows you to feel, interact, create and express yourself freely around a previously defined topic. Through this immersive and inclusive experience, we offer people the possibility to create an artwork, a real human experience for all.

This specific painting was on “Peace in the world”.


A collective art practice.

Culture is an important dimension of human development, influencing relationships between people, communities, groups and countries.
At Kulturelia, we create art projects to engage the public with human-centered topics. We promote intercultural dialogue. Participants create the artwork (a mural, a canvas or other medium) to express a specific theme.
The topics we evoke through the various artistic projects, mainly focus on the human place in society, in the environment and in the future.


The realisation of Kulturelia’s projects.

Connecting people with art is our motto. Thanks to our projects and the topics we choose, we manage to detect the artistic part in each one of us and by instauring a dialogue.
The work is created by the public and is supervised by the artist and/or the team. It is often produced in situ, on the expression of a specific theme, in a specific place and in a given context; the public takes ownership of the final work.
These projects allow us to highlight the beauties of the ordinary and the everyday life and MAKE THE WORLD SHINE. So together, let's light up life !