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Buck’s County Studio

Submitted by Rebecca Spivack

Client: Tohichton Hill Residence

Location: Buck's County, PA, United States

Completion date: 2000

Project Team


Rebecca Spivack


Salvatore La Rosa

BFive Studio


Ron Bentley

BFive Studio


The construction of Tohichton Hill Residence was a work undertaken in progressive stages over several years by the owner/architects Salvatore La Rosa and Ron Bentley of BFive Studio, N.Y. It was a pleasure to collaborate on this project.


My goal was to create an integrated colored and wax finished plaster that would resonate with the poetic architectural space, carefully curated selection of furnishings and the sensual use of materials.


As James Russell, the noted architecture critic has said in his essay about this building,"The Image of the House" referring to La Rosa's and Bentley"s use of intimate gestures, "The sublime, a long discarded notion for most architects, here begins to be the subject of the work". My mural for La Rosa's studio sought to echo the use of authentic materials and to be a compliment to the the sequential unfolding of the internal and external spaces. The choice of color and technique needed to amplify the almost etherial light coming from the bay and skylight windows.