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Boston Children’s Hospital

Submitted by Casey Blanchard

Client: Elisabeth Gordon for Boston Children's Hospital

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $6,022

Project Team


Casey Blanchard

Industry Resource

April Dreher



Boston Children's Hospital


Payette Associates


The Longwood Center at Boston Children's Hospital project was comprised of eight, 24″ x 24″, aluminum printed panels from original monoprint images.


The commissioned series was part of a cohesive art plan to enliven a large, open office-space in an urban setting. The theme for the installation was nature, and Blanchard’s monoprints—beautifully complex images based on leaves and seed pods—were a perfect fit. Reproducing her original prints on Moxie aluminum panels allowed Elisabeth Gordon, the art consultant to use Blanchard's work at an appropriate scale for the project. This material also ideal for the healthcare environment as its surface is scratch resistant, UV protected, and easily cleaned. Framing is not needed, adding a cost saving element to the material choice. Installed in a main corridor that connects to disparate parts of the office space, this series also serves a way-finding purpose.


The collaborative process began with the interior designer determining the color scheme. After sharing the interior finish board, Elisabeth Gordon Consulting selected 8 prints from a larger body of work presented by Casey Blanchard, to create 3 distinct series. Gordon chose the Moxie aluminum panel system for its durability and low maintenance needs. Casey Blanchard worked directly with TakeForm, to produce her artwork on the aluminum panels which were installed by Boston Children’s Hospital.

Additional Information

Without the cost of framing, Gordon was able to take the panels to a larger size. Doing so brings the organic elements to a larger-than-life scale, and evokes a greater sense of movement in each print. Enlarging Blanchard's prints has made her work even more engaging and contemplative, strengthening their efficacy as healing art.