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Block Headwear Storefront Design

Submitted by Sergio Mannino Studio

Client: Block Headwear

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Block Headwear Store

Interior Designer

Sergio Mannino

Sergio Mannino Studio


When asked to create Block's headwear's first US store's facade, Sergio Mannino knew that the client wanted this new shop to make a big impact on its Lower East Side neighborhood. Since Block is on a busy street (it stands next to the likes of Pulino's Pizzeria and Katz' Deli), the Studio created a memorable facade that would catch the attention of passerby.


Inspiration first came from the brand's products and its logo as the design is a repetition of the Block Headwear logo. But the inspiration didn't stop there. Location also played a crucial role in the design since the store is set in front of one of New York City's most famous graffiti walls. The Houston/Bowery wall was first painted by Keith Haring more than 30 years ago. After that a countless amount of artists have put their hands on that piece of urban canvas. The intersection still tells the story of a New York that doesn't exist anymore but that is still missed by many.