Big Little Rock - CODAworx

Big Little Rock

Client: Private Client

Location: Iceland, Iceland

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Erla Ingjaldsdóttir



Tryggvi Thorsteinsson



Big Little Rock is a modest house made to embrace history and blend into the beautiful Icelandic nature.


Its simple eco-conscious design focuses on functionality and creates a healthy living environment for the family. The home integrates with the landscape and blends with the environment’s “body”. It embraces history with forms found in traditional mud houses and the sod roof and walls form the solid building.


Materials are used in their most organic form. Concrete, wood, and glass unify the building. Large windows and openings are used in the living area to provide abundant natural light and frame the beautiful landscape and enable a seamless connection with nature. Sustainable practice like using recycled materials such as rubber tires on the kitchen.

The summers are filled with endless sun while the winters glow with the Northern Lights and the snow is so bright it lights up the endless darkness.