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Big Blue Birds Land In Coral Springs – Sample Road Public Art Exhibition 2022

Submitted by Lee Bell

Client: City of Coral Springs , Florida Sample Road Public Art exhibition

Location: Coral Springs , FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $18,500

Project Team


Lee Therien Bell

Black Lily Studio


Jon Dowd

Community organizer

Michele Smith

City of Coral Springs


Recycled Art – Big Blue Bird’s on display in the city of Coral Springs
Fernando and Hera are both composed of recycled media, steel and a compounded portland mixture with exterior stains , dyes and sealant. Hera the smaller work is 66 x 35 x 16 and Fernando a bit larger is 84 x 36 x 20. Both works are stylized blue herons .


Sculpture is placed by terminal stops along a main road evident to traffic and becomes part of daily life. The program enhances the city appeal and makes art available to the general public for interaction.


The city of Coral springs public art program on sample road . The program features rotating sculptures with permanent purchases to add to the city's collection at the end of each exhibition. Nine works are located downtown for this exhibition from March to August 2022.

Additional Information

My subject matter has remained rooted in themes of nature, feminine beauty and animals. Sculpture's are created with the intent of bringing a figure to life that is both whimsical and elegant simultaneously. A successful piece exudes something of a life force in an apparent though ephemeral personality. The paradox in the work that the up cycled material is commonly disposed of in ways that effect the very creatures I am creating is important to me. One artistic goal is for my work to speak, draw attention to the use of recycled materials (that are intentionally not obvious) : That all works made from recycled material do not have to look like the recycled parts they were crafted from in the final work. I am saddened by what is happening to our wildlife and environment and create my work in an intuitive manner of conversation between up cycled / recycled materials mixed with compounded cement, steel and a strong affinity: appreciation for all things in nature. ​