Beneath the Surface - CODAworx

Beneath the Surface

Submitted by Rebecca Crowell

Client: Pratt Museum of Arts, Science and Culture

Location: Homer, AK, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Rebecca Crowell


Scott Bartlett

Director, Pratt Museum


Savanna Bradley

Curator, Pratt Museum


An exhibit of paintings inspired by the archaeology of Katchemak Bay, Alaska, displayed with selected artifacts from the museum (these are to be presented in a simple way and dramatically lit to emphasize their artistry) and accompanied by original music composed to enhance the contemplation of the paintings and artifacts. The exhibit included 19 paintings and 10 works on paper.


It was important to fit the exhibit to the Pratt's Mission of promoting art and culture that relate to the area (Katchemak Bay) that it serves in Alaska. The response of a visual artist and composer to the beauties and mysteries of archeological excavation was designed to deepen and expand appreciation for the more factual displays in the museum.


Collaboration with the curator of artifacts and with the director of the museum involved selecting archaeological artifacts from the collection that would provide inspiration for the paintings and drawings in the exhibit, as well as deciding their placement and many other aspects of the installation. There was also a music component, a loop of music played during viewing hours in the gallery. Collaboration between myself and composer David Crowell involved his familiarity with my work and his score influencing the mood of my work.

Additional Information

Besides being open to the general public, the exhibit was visited by numerous school groups and cultural groups in the area and was very well received. I also gave a talk about various aspects of the project on opening night.