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Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center

Submitted by Shanan Wells

Client: Beatrice Community Hospital

Location: Beatrice, NE, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Shanan C Wells

SCW Art Consulting


Pat Howard


SCW Art Consulting collaborated with hospital leadership, as well as staff, administration and community members to create a unique art collection for Beatrice Community Hospital. Included are two monumental bronze sculptures, commissioned artwork and photography from local, regional and national artists. Recognizing the healing power of art, the collection provides a soothing environment for patients, their families and hospital staff. A unique Historical Feature was designed and installed, as well as a Donor Recognition Feature. An art brochure, showcasing the collection, has also been designed for distribution within the hospital.


Integration of commissioned artwork was an essential part of this project. SCW Art Consulting's goal was to create a visual expression, through art, of the mission, the vision, and the values of Beatrice Community Hospital. After an in-depth analysis, including researching the cultural heritage and the community they serve, pieces were selected to support and promote these sentiments. Each department was considered, its function, its use, who would be working there and who would be a patient. Then smaller collections were made within these areas, each smaller collection contributing to the theme and purpose of the overall collection. The bronze sculptures chosen reflect the facility's compassion and commitment to care. The landscape photography, by artists from the local area, is a celebration of the land and its legacy. The commissioned artwork provides a serene, yet joyful welcome to those entering the Labor and Delivery Wing. The integration into the collection of these commissioned pieces is seamless. The collection as a whole is timeless and classic, a visual voice advancing and reinforcing the relationship between Beatrice Community Hospital and those they serve.


The collaboration process included hospital leadership, project manager, foundation director, art consultant, artist and others. In deciding who would be selected to create site specific art and the manner in which to execute it, the full impact of the collection was considered. Artist Pat Howard is known for her bright and inviting watercolors of people and flowers. Her use of patterns and textures displays a new approach, a new perspective. Coupled with the new facility's vision for future care and their tradition of caring, the commissioned artwork reflects that vision. The goal in this project was to create a healing environment through art, a collection that spoke for the facility, directly to the community they serve. Collaboration is about recognition of a common goal and working unitedly to reach it. The end result, seen within the walls and on the grounds of Beatrice Community Hospital, gives testimony to the success of this collaboration process.