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Baumann Cosmetic Research Institute

Submitted by Shulman + Associates

Client: Dr. Leslie Baumann, Baumann Cosmetic Research Institute

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Jessy Nite


Dr. Leslie Baumann + Roger Baumann

Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute


Brand Gonzalez


Allan Shulman, Brand Gonzalez, Hisham Suliman, Alyssa Kriplen, Beatriz Fernandez

Shulman + Associates


Adrian Aranda, Serhat Yildiz

Shulman + Associates


Adrian Aranda, Serhat Yildiz

Shulman + Associates


This facility for an acclaimed dermatologist investigates the paradigm of a modern dermatology practice, especially the balance between clinical and research work. The design explores the intertwined roles of passion, science and the pursuit of beauty. It centers on the concept of a “runway,” a functional connector and a public promenade; a didactic space that engages the culture and history of dermatology. Artist Jessy Nite was commissioned to create two bold artworks for the institute, one welcoming patients in the waiting room, and one anchoring the runway.


The artist Jessy Nite was commissioned during the design process and given a 'blank slate' to conceptualize a major site-specific piece in the clinic lobby. She chose to focus on Dr. Baumann's particular brand, and created a rainbow-hued, three-dimensional supergraphic work that announces the brand boldly and with a sense of humor. The clients were so enamored of the first piece that they commissioned a second piece at the end of the runway, the portrait of a beautiful woman which Nite created using many hundreds of empty Botox bottles. The commissioned artworks are by turns elegant and powerful; both slyly funny, they provide a strong balance to the high-ceilinged, generously proportioned spaces of the institute.


The creative process for the project was highly collaborative. To begin, the client was passionate and directed, with a strong idea of her goals for the space. The architect/designer S A introduced the artist Jessy Nite to Dr. Baumann. Nite was given complete creative control, but the architect, client and artist worked closely throughout the process. A sense of trust among all stakeholders allowed for open communication throughout the process.

Additional Information

We believe that this project exemplifies the collaborative process among architect, artist and engaged client. The project has been awarded several design awards.