Submitted by Annick Desmier Maulion

Client: Enseignement public - SIRPI syndicat intercommunal

Location: Ile de France, France

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $280,000

Project Team


Enseignement public - SIRPI syndicat intercommunal


This project was commissioned the state for a primary school in Paris region. It's a dialogue between two gardens: an open-air natural garden situated at the heart of the building and the garden of Basilius (a tribute to the great 17th century botanist). It consists of five panels that recaptured on a monumental scale the the drawing of botanical boards, alternated with six mirrors reflecting the natural garden which faces. On the ground, oblique white strips extend mirrors realizing their reflections.


Classroom activities are structured around this garden. The children walk across it several times a day, bringing them light and joy. The plants, monumental to their eyes, are familiar to them from the surrounding natural world. Between the cut wild flower and its botanical image, so large and precise, they're inspired to take another look.


This realization joins in the global chromatic design of all the school, that I have conceived as well.