Barriers: Gathering - CODAworx

Barriers: Gathering

Submitted by Joshua Pass

Client: Art2 consulting for One Boulder Plaza

Location: BOULDER, CO, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Susan Knickle




Art Installation Services


An intriguing hanging sculpture that engages the public as they ascend the stairs to the second level of One Boulder Plaza. This piece narrates the story and illustrates the beauty of a diverse group of people gathering. in which we all come in different sizes and colors we do also share a lot of similarities. Each of us having an exterior barrier to protect us and hold what is sacred inside. This piece fills a space that is roughly 22’h x 18’w x 13’d and the largest sculpture is 48″h x 14″w x 2″d.


The goal of this project was to create a dynamic piece for the public to enjoy. As well as filling the atrium area with a sculpture that was safe and worked well with the space.


An art consulting company that i work with asked me to design a piece based off of a wall sculpture that I had created and that they had recently sold. Once the design was submitted Susan my rep from the art consulting company took my rendered designs to the owner of the building for approval. The owners loved it and hoped it would come out as great as the renderings looked to them. Once the designs were approved materials were ordered and fabrication began. Metal had to be formed, forged and welded. Then the wood was custom cut to tightly fit into the frames. Stain and a protective clear coat was applied to all surfaces and finally the hanging mechanisms were attached. Once the sculptures were complete the installation process began with the delivery of a scissor lift. Myself and Issac from Art Installation services drove the lift into the building using plywood to protected the marble floors. A few hours of up and down and "I want it right here" and the project was complete.