BAM (for Michael) - CODAworx

BAM (for Michael)


Location: Montgomery, AL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Bollinger Atelier


Sanford Biggers


Biggers’ work is multi-layered, healing, transcendent, and provides a perspective of how humans exist within the larger context.

“The BAM series, I think, are really beautiful but really horrific,” Biggers says. “And that is the sort of tension that I like my work to have, something very compelling and seductive but at the same time something very hard and almost disturbing…If you as a viewer are willing to go through that experience, there is a resolve and there is a sense of transcendence that I’m aiming for.”


The Legacy Museum houses fine artworks alongside historic content, providing texture, complexity, and abstraction to the commemoration of lives lost and trauma endured. This integration of visual art helps viewers metabolize the deep historical wounds this site represents. In Bigger’s work, a twice-life-sized figure, characterized by its flesh quality, its scar marks and holes, walks forward onto a limb that is unfinished or half-destroyed, narratively ambiguous as much as its personal identity is. As the last piece in view upon exiting the Museum, the figurative piece BAM (for Michael) carries a complexity of artfully molded destruction of flesh, and an uprightness and determination to stand and move forward.