Baku Flame Towers - CODAworx

Baku Flame Towers

Submitted by Farmboy Fine Arts®

Client: Dia Holding

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Art Consultant

Todd Towers

Farmboy Fine Arts


Bernadette Phan


Faig Ahmed


Valéria Nasciamento


In 2011, Farmboy Fine Arts was asked to curate a fine art collection for the Baku Flame Towers in Azerbaijan. This iconic piece of architecture changed the skyline of the Silk Road city and is home to the 37-floor Fairmont Baku hotel, a 34-floor office tower, a 39-floor residential development, plus a shopping and leisure center.


The goal of the art collection at Baku Flame Towers was to deliver a museum-quality fine art collection, drawing inspiration from the ghazal, an Azeri rhyming couplet. By combining commissioned works, acquisitions from Azeri and international artists, and custom designed pieces, Farmboy Fine Arts produced an art collection of over 150 original fine art pieces and hundreds of custom reproductions.


Early in the project, we connected with local Azeri artists through our international network. From these meetings, we began to gain an Azeri perspective on the burgeoning contemporary fine art community, and were introduced to established and emerging artists from around Azerbaijan. From there, we commissioned several pieces, again using the ghazal as inspiration, from artists in Azerbaijan, France, Canada and Brazil, to accompany sourced works from artists in over 15 other countries.