Aurora II: Redux - CODAworx

Aurora II: Redux

Client: Sonoma State University

Location: Rohnert Park, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Christopher Dinno

Sonoma State University


Neil Markley

Sonoma State University

Industry Resource

Mark Morgenlaender

Triton Waterject


Aurora II: Redux is on permanent display in the Student Center at Sonoma State University, CA. The artwork, aluminum and plexiglass, is configured 8' x 30″ x 6' to fit into a high but narrow entry. Inspired by nature, the artwork alludes to the aurora borealis' curtain of light while the riverine archetypal shape references music. In Aurora II: Redux a riverine silhouette has been deconstructed into three shapes to allow for flexibility in design.


Sonoma State University was interested in integrating my aluminum and plexiglas artwork from my Aurora Series into the newly constructed student center. The challenge was finding a way to configure the artwork into a high and relatively narrow space. The client had another art piece that was within visual range so there needed to be a balance between the two pieces without crowding either work, and my work needed to be balanced between three floors.


The collaboration began with an installer on how to best suspend the work in the space to the client's satisfaction. The installer, hired by the university, worked from a lift while I directed and supervised each element. The architect was on hand to approve the fasteners and to advise on any additional safety elements.

Additional Information

The hardware was then changed out per the client's desire and approved by the architect. I oversaw the change and ensured that the client was completely satisfied.