Asparagus - CODAworx


Submitted by Mariko Yoshihashi

Client: Sankei building

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $600

Project Team


Mariko Yoshihashi


Manabu Yoshihashi


Asparagus, many shoots, growing from above, from the side, obliquely, in the artificial in organic space of a concrete or house wall. Vegetation that does not shrivel. Growth maintained at a fixed length. Regularly shaped, genetically modified vegetables impenetrable to insect damage. Vegetation sprinkled with chemicals. Vegetables from all over the world available at the supermarket. Always available, utterly unseasonal vegetables. How far will humanity extend its control over plants? Humanity gazes down upon the asparagus. The expressionless asparagus.


The space chosen was a very busy public space, where many office workers in their 20's were passing on their way to lunch. There was no existing artwork in this area, so my aim was to make it a more interesting and stimulating space for these workers on their lunch break.


This project was part of an Arts festival, and my work was chosen as part of this festival. Other artists were also exhibiting in different buildings in the same area. I was working with Sankei building staff, who were helping to co-ordinate this project.

Additional Information

From the feedback I received. I felt that many of the office workers on-site appreciated my work, and I also had the opportunity to show the same work in a local Otemachi cafe space.