Ascending Leaves - CODAworx

Client: Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

Location: Chesapeake, VA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Barbara Westfall

Barbara Westfall Art Glass Design

Art Consultant

Kelly Kafigian

Artlink, LLC


Working with a team of healthcare professionals at the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center and the Art Consultant at Artlink, LLC, we decided the art would feature beautiful blowing leaves found in nature. Leaves were the perfect metaphor for a large lobby installation for their newly renovated healthcare center. A leaf is not stagnant, it grows, blows and moves freely in the wind. And in the same manner, human health is not stagnant, but ever changing. During ones lifetime, our health ebbs and flows through numerous phases of well being, illness, healing and recovery. The title selected for the piece is Ascending Leaves, and represents that dynamic movement of blowing leaves made from green, blue and brown glass. Thirty leaves in varying sizes are displayed overlapping, bending and turning on a stairwell wall overlooking the 1st floor lobby and second floor. The ensemble wall relief measures 6’w x 12’h x 4″d and is made from dimensionally fused glass. The wall selected for display of the glass leaves, is brimming with natural sunlight from adjacent windows. The open staircase design is flanked with semi-opaque glass risers and stainless steel railings. As the viewers walk up and down the stairs, they have direct views of the art from varying angles and perspectives.


The goals were to create a large scale installation for the foyer lobby in glass that welcomes, engages and inspires healthcare guests, staff and administrators in the newly remodeled Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. The art needed to compliment the open contemporary design, fit in with a dark paneled wall and be suitable from viewing afar and up close in a healthcare setting.


My company was proposed for this commission by art consultant Kelly Kafigian at Artlink, and selected by the client CRMC, located in Chesapeake, VA. My artwork was found by the art consultant perusing the CODAworx online projects gallery. We had three email correspondence, four teleconferences, and a presentation to the client via PowerPoint. The art consultant provided seamless, professional communication between her client (CRMC) and me. Project began in March of 2021 and art was delivered by insured carrier to Virginia in August. The client loves the results and the project was brought to life in 6 months, from conceptual drawings to the installation.