Ascending Christ - CODAworx

Ascending Christ

Submitted by Charles Pate Jr.

Client: Bon Secours St. Francis

Location: Greenville, SC, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Charles Pate and Charlie Pate

Pate Sculpture Studio


Bon Secours St. Francis

Industry Resource

The Inferno (Foundry)


The original brief for this project was to mark the entrance to the St. Francis Cancer Treatment Center with a piece of art to bring hope and comfort to those receiving treatment and to their loved ones.


Commission artwork was planned from the beginning as a feature of the new campus as an important element to make the campus a place of welcome and hope. Public reactions have been so positive that the Ascending Christ has since been recast for integration in pre-existing satellite campuses of Bon Secours St. Francis.


Carefully considering the goals of the project voiced by the commissioning committee, the Pates' created the concept to represent the post-resurrection Christ, with crucifixion wounds visible in hands and feet, triumphantly ascending into heaven. The drapery of the robe swirls down to the ground to anchor and support the elevated form so that Christ's feet are actually several feet off of the ground. The orientation of the figure on site, as well as the design of the hardscape and the choice of patina were a collaboration with the architect and a committee of Bon Secours staff and stakeholders.

Additional Information

Each casting for the satellite campuses has unique features due to the recasting process and adjustments made during the wax and patina phases. The hardscape is also unique to each location.