Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Stations - CODAworx

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Stations

Submitted by ALAN Project I Art Solutions & Consultancy

Client: Metro I.C.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Art Consultant

Efe Korkut Kurt


This project includes artistic design works that will support architectural design decisions at 3 stations on the Seyrantepe – Alibeyköy Bus Station rail system line. These are Çırçır Station, Hamidiye Station and Alibeyköy Bus Station Stations. Wall surfaces or volumes in various locations in these stations have been realized in order to increase the spatial quality of the project in accordance with the functional and perceptual expectations. In this context, 8 different artistic design works are designed in a common artistic language and context in different areas of 3 different stations.


Artistic design works have been carried out to increase the visual arrangements created in the metro stations' architectural design decisions and to increase the visual aesthetics. The region where these stations are located is supportive to the design studies prepared in line with the historical and geographical variables of the region. Also, the identification of each station, assisting with focal points and mental mapping, increasing the quality of various deaf surfaces are among the objectives of the project. In addition to this, it is aimed to create more interactive spaces for public use with visual artworks in universal level.


Artistic design works are made to have the common design language of the stations on the line. The form and content of the artworks were created accordingly. In this respect, an artistic language has been put forward within the framework of the water element and the connotations of the water element. While creating an abstract visual language in works, parametric studies, abstractions that express wave effects and water molecules were prepared as a whole. Textured surfaces have been created in order to increase the visual effect in artistic works and this effect has been increased with transitive painting. In line with the architectural design decisions, color choices were made in accordance with the color palette, and materials were selected to comfort the users and to affect the light values positively. The symbolic effects of the works were designed to create memory for the citizens.

Additional Information

Project Leader: Efe Korkut Kurt, Consultant: Pınar Sipahi, Graphic Designer: Mecit Polat, Architect: Melike Demirbilek, MSc. Architect: Selin Atacı