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Art! Vancouver 2016

Submitted by Majie Lavergne

Client: Art Vancouver Art Fair 2016

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Majie Lavergne


Louis Laurent Bourget

Wild Wood Project

Public Art Agent

Art Vancouver

Art Vancouver


I was invited and juried in to be part of Art! Vancouver 2016. Art! Vancouver is a renowned International Art Fair in Western Canada, featuring reputable galleries and artists from around the world. My booth was 15 feet long, the walls were 10 feet high.


I chose to display four different versions of my Interactive Art ‘Re-Create’ to demonstrate the variety of materials that can be used and posted a sign informing people that they could commission a 'Re-Create' according to their preferred size and colours.

Peoples’ responses to ‘Re-Create’ were positive and enthusiastic. About two third of viewers engaged in their own art making while another third felt a bit shy or not in the mood to interact with ‘Re-Create’. People who interacted with the art expressed that it helped them to tap into their creativity, that it was fun, unique, different, re-freshing, a new type of art and that it has an ever-changing quality.


Because the Art! Vancouver Art Fair engages in an extensive marketing campaign, I was often in touch with the organizers in order to provide them with marketing material.

Leading up to the event the organizers were in excellent communication about the requirements, expectations and time frame. Tear down was executed very efficiently and with ease.

Additional Information

As an artist I deeply value any art form that elicits and engages peoples’ creativity and playfulness. I do believe that art doesn’t need to remain the territory of ‘artists’ and that everybody has an ‘artist’ within, it just needs to be invited and that is what ‘Re-Create’ offers.