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A Creative Singularity

Submitted by Max Eternity

Client: Puget Sound Prototype

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $1,500,000

Project Team


Max Eternity

Industry Resource

Puget Sound Prototype


This project is an architectural design parti by Max Eternity representing a unity of art and technology. The project includes fabrication support by Puget Sound Prototype. Though unbuilt, the project presents the creative genius of Max Eternity combined with the potentiality of 3D printing and other digital fabrication processes offered by Puget Sound Prototype.


The goal of this project is to express the beauty and seamless integration of [structural] art objects design by Max Eternity with the digitall fabrication capabilities of Puget Sound Prototype. The project goes beyond the 20th century idea of compartmentalizing art, design and architecture. Instead existing as a modality for unified creative expression and utility that has become more readily available in the 21st century with the employ of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and digital fabrication techinques.

Additional Information

Puget Sound Prototype (PSP) is a digital prototyping and fabrication company based in Seattle, Washington. PSP offers an innovative way to invigorate new manufacturing opportunities in the United States. The company has a 21st century business model based on digital technology—primarily in the form of CNC routing, 3D printing and Computer Aided Design (CAD).