A Slice of Art and Humanity on the El Camino Real. - CODAworx

A Slice of Art and Humanity on the El Camino Real.

Client: Palo Alto Public Arts Program- Artlift Microgrant Project

Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Robin Apple

Robin Apple Photography

Funding Organization

Elise De Marzo

Palo Alto Public Arts Program

Restaurant Owners

James, Lars Smith

State of Mind Slice House


I applied for and received a $1000.00 Artlift Microgrant through the Palo Alto Public Arts Program which was helping artists create projects to uplift the area in the post-pandemic. I proposed an evening video installation using a projector and screen placed outside of a new pizza slice shop on a stretch of a main street in our area (the El Camino Real) that’s badly in need of a restoration.


It was important for me to create an art project that would appeal to a local business in need of extra attention. I approached the slice shop owners once my project was funded and worked with them to strategize installation of the video project in a way that would enhance their business.


I responded to a call for art by the Palo Alto Public Art Program and submitted a number of my art videos all created with iPhone. We discussed by phone and I suggested a few optional locations. I then approached a few retail establishments, moved forward with the pizza shop owners, and figured out a schedule for playing my video art project at night on their outside patio. While there, if diners were interested in being included in the video show, I captured and processed photos and videos of them and added for the next night's show.

Additional Information

This project was one of several Artlift Microgrant projects created by other local artists and funded by the Palo Alto Public Art Commission. It was quirky and unique and led to interesting conversations with diners at the restaurant where it played as well as a news blast to one of the local neighborhoods.