Trust Your Vision - CODAworx

Trust Your Vision

Submitted by Ann Lewis

Client: New York City Department of Transportation

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Ann Lewis

Public Art Agent

Emily Colasacco

New York City Department of Transportation


Trust Your Vision was commissioned by the New York City Department of Transportation and the DUMBO BID in 2014. It measures 8'H x 68'L and is acrylic and poly urethane on plywood. This piece was created to brighten up a dark and dreary location directly underneath the Manhattan bridge. It asks the viewer to trust her vision as she navigates through the challenging world of New York City. If you look closely you can read the phrase 'Trust Your Vision' within the lines.


The goal of the work was to enliven a dreary spot and contribute to the artistic spirit of the DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn.


I proposed this project to the NYC DOT and DUMBO BID with 3 different color variations. I painted each panel separately in a gallery space with an assistant and the DOT crew installed the work.

Additional Information

This work is still present in DUMBO today after nearly 5 years. The DOT tends to replace work every 2 years but apparently it is a favorite of the community and the BID has requested it to remain for an extended period.