Amsterdam Cascade - CODAworx

Amsterdam Cascade

Client: outLINE Exhibition Space

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team

Curator/Gallery director

Christine Van Den Bergh


Mark Rupert


Lindberg’s works with light by using transparent materials which can be made to be any other color. The material is soft during the creation, but it has great strength after it hardens–the forms it can take are endless. He works without molds which is unusual for these materials, this process gives life to a typically cold, lifeless material.


This is a site specific installation at the non-profit public exhibition space, Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam aka outLINE. The piece was made on site over a two day period. It was part of a larger solo exhibition of my artwork there.


My assistant Mark Rupert, custom made a fabric cylinder from glass cloth which locked into the ceiling. We applied resin as we raised it up and twisted it into place. The colors were discussed and planned before hand base on prediction of how far they would run down while drying.