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Founded in 2018 by veteran event producers Karen Kitchen and Kendra Roberts, COMMON GROUND ARTS is a full-service art consultancy and production company based in New York City and Portland, OR. We curate and produce unique cultural experiences from concept to completion, delivering successful projects to meet our clients’ challenges. As experts in placemaking, we excel in brainstorming, collaborating and developing artist-driven solutions for every client. Our services are custom tailored to meet the demands of every project, no matter the size, scale or location. We foster meaningful partnerships with our clients through dialog, research, exploration and collaboration, while cultivating supportive relationships with our partner artists. Our projects reinvent and enhance spaces; animate underutilized and/or vacant spaces; create points of gathering and strengthen connections between people and places; add beauty, inspiration and interest; and contribute to the health, happiness and well being of a community. Our relationships with artists is large and growing, spanning the globe and ranging from renowned to mid-career and emerging. As active members of the arts industry, we serve as advisors, members and jurors on advisory committees, competitions, grants and awards, and residencies.

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