2020 CODAaward Winners

The internationally acclaimed CODAawards celebrate the projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces. Commissioned Art Matters - and the CODAawards celebrate this. The CODAawards program honors the individuals and the teams whose collective imaginations create the public and private spaces that inspire us every day.


JACARANDA Mount Pleasant Woolworths Lacefence

Perth, Australia

Submitted by Paula Hart

"The reinterpretation of the cyclone fence to promote the beauty of the Jacaranda trees make this a highly successful and meaningful piece of public art that relates to the community."



Pensacola, Florida

Submitted by FUTUREFORMS

"The use of technology to facilitate a poetic experience for participants resonates as an enhancement for public space."

Rosanne Somerson, President, RISD


Endless Miles

Los Angeles, California

Submitted by Rob Ley Studio

"Endless Miles ... is experienced in shifting ways depending upon the location and perspective of the viewer. More importantly, the design reflects and was inspired by the diverse and varied community in which it resides"


Bed-In for Peace’s Suite 1742

Montreal, Quebec

Submitted by MASSIVart

"The suite presented a seamless integration of creative and interactive art elements which preserved history in an immersive experiential way, making this project stand out."


La Raza Interactive Experience

Los Angeles, California

Submitted by Narduli Studio

"La Raza intuitively connects us across time and space. A complex data set is transformed into a fluid, elevating, poetic experience."


The Cathedral Of Thorns Curacao

Curacao, Dutch West Indies

Submitted by Herman Van Bergen

"Wow! I absolutely love this project as it is otherworldly, sublime, and visually compelling. The use of natural thorn bush for surface definition fits the installation program perfectly."


St.-Joseph, Montigny-Lès-Cormeilles

Montigny-Lès-Cormeilles, France

Submitted by Thierry Boissel

"The beauty of this glass art is that it IS the architecture - not merely an additional adornment nor window decoration, but an essential structural element - glorious, translucent, strong and self-supporting."

Public Spaces

The Journey

Columbus, Ohio

Submitted by Oh Yanoe LLC

"The goals of the artwork centered on community which is self-evident in the use of the image of Hodan Mohammed. Public artworks thrive when the process and implementation embrace and reflect the values and peoples of the community."


Anabelle Over the Hollywood Hills

Los Angeles, California

Submitted by Julian Voss-Andreae

"This simple illusion of a strong solid material acquiring an ephemeral quality evokes curiosity and a sense of magic. And who isn’t delighted by a little magic?"


Barbara Walker Crossing

Portland, Oregon

Submitted by Ed Carpenter

"The bridge design, using elements that mimic the plants and trees surrounding it, and colors that integrate so well into the natural environment, results in a visually stunning structure that manages to reinforce the calm nature that it is nestled in."

People's Choice 1

Regalia at the Reims Cathedral

Reims, France

Submitted by Moment Factory

"The use of technology to facilitate a poetic experience for participants resonates as an enhancement for public space."

People's Choice 2

Flores del Desierto

El Paso, Texas

"This grand interpretation of one of the area’s most famous native plants provides an appropriate entryway to welcome visitors to El Paso."


i was here

Lexington, Kentucky

Submitted by i was here

"These eery tapestries, in image and subject, are a potent example of how public art can engage urgent community conversation on difficult social truths."

Merit Winners


The Webster – Narrative Lighting Wall

Submitted by StandardVision


Submitted by BREAKFAST

Art For Earth

Submitted by Anne Patterson



Submitted by Osman Akan

HBS Schwartz Pavilion

Submitted by James Carpenter Design Associates Inc.


Submitted by Daniel Clayman


Forest of Light

Submitted by UT Southwestern Medical Center


Submitted by Martin Donlin


Submitted by Dierk Van Keppel


Saint Kate — The Arts Hotel

Submitted by Stonehill Taylor

Liquid Light

Submitted by Roark Studio


Submitted by UAP



Submitted by fuse*

Senate of Canada Building

Submitted by Diamond Schmitt Architects & KWC Architects, Architects in Joint Venture

O.T. 923

Submitted by Stefan Reiss


Interweaving Futures

Submitted by Bill Washabaugh




Submitted by Jill Anholt Studio


What Matters

Submitted by Shuster + Moseley

Art for eternity | Monumental spheres of light for the world’s largest underground cemetery in Jerusalem

Submitted by Yvelle Gabriel

Regalia at the Reims Cathedral

Submitted by Moment Factory

Public Spaces


Submitted by Susan Narduli

Birdie Umwelt

Submitted by Scottsdale Public Art


Submitted by Erwin Redl


Stockyard Spectrum

Submitted by Bill FitzGibbons

345 Harrison

Submitted by CBT Architects

White Wave and Brown Wall

Submitted by Ivan Kostov


The Arches of Old Penn Station; Gradiva

Submitted by Mayer of Munich

Roaming Underfoot

Submitted by Nancy Blum


Submitted by Diane Carr

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