So You Received a Commission Inquiry

Sunset Mirage by Domsky Glass.
Sunset Mirage by Domsky Glass.

Welcome to the guidance-counselor-brochure version of responding to a professional commission inquiry. You’ve received an electronic inquiry? We think it’s great news. We’re thrilled for you! And chances are the request is entirely legitimate and will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But in the CODAworx community, we always advocate for our members. Below are a few basic tips for responding to commission inquiries.

  1. Don’t give out your personal information. This includes your social security number, bank and credit card account numbers, date of birth, or passwords. You may  want to avoid giving out your street address and/or phone number until a bit of correspondence with a professional client.
  2. Do your research. Design professionals or companies seeking an artwork commission should have a website – research their company and their clients, or ask for references. If you’re dealing with an individual, be sure to get their complete contact information, and before signing a contract, a list of references. Do a quick Google search to see if any red flags appear.
  3. Get it all in writing. Never under any circumstances should you complete any commissioned project until you have a signed contract in hand. This contract should stipulate that you receive payments at various points along the commission process, such as after the design is approved, after the piece is complete, and upon delivery.

When in doubt, listen to your instincts, or hire an attorney to contact the client and iron on the details on your behalf. If you ever have questions about an inquiry you’ve received, we’re here to help.

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