Friday Roundup: Five Bits of Design and Art News to Peruse This Weekend

army photograph competition
Army Photograph Competition at the National Army Museum. Photo by Sergeant Adrian Harlen.

5. Standing at Attention for Army Photography

The National Army Museum is opening an exhibit of the best of the Army Photographic Competition, featuring a mix of the meaningful and the whimsical.

4. 7 Ways to Optimize a Home Office

Did you know seeing red can hurt your analytical skills?

3. A silky look at Mary Edna

Mary Edna Fraser was profiled in international interview magazine Freunde von Freunden. She spoke to the magazine about her silk batik artistry (the largest in the world) and her work for the Smithsonian mapping planets in silk.

2. Detroit’s Flash in the Pan

When Philip Jarmain heard rumblings of the city’s ruin, he set out to capture the Art Deco and Neo-Classical structures before they were lost to budget slashing. He wants to preserve as much detail as possible, rendering photographs in images as big as five feet by seven feet.

1. The Miraculous Opening

Splashy British artist Damien Hirst’s installation “The Miraculous Journey” opened in Qatar this week, featuring 14 giant balloons and a statue of a 46-foot-tall anatomically correct baby boy (it’s only slightly less odd if you read the whole story).